On Stage: DWTS — The Fab Four

Am I the only one who was not a fan of the so-called “Instant Dances?”  So the ballroomers practiced a choreographed dance to different songs. Then they had 20 minutes to fret and learn to adjust to a new tune right on the show. Everyone had lower scores (Hines and Kym’ s jive was charming and bouncy, but had a weak ending, as if they ran out of time) and I just didn’t think that the “Instants” were all that entertaining. Oh well, on to the planned agenda (Instant Dance scores are listed as the second part of the total):

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas. These two led off the program for the second week in a row. Mark has been pushing too hard and his perky Disney star pushed back, effectively telling him to control his temper in their rehearsal clip. He toned it down a bit, making this waltz their best dance in a while, sweet and serious at the same time. Score: 29 + 26 = 55

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson. Some people were saying Gene Kelly in referring to their fox trot, but I’m sticking with Fred Astaire. This was a light-hearted, modern-day play on Fred and Ginger skipping across the movie screen, despite Hines’ manly muscular frame. Obviously the duo has the connective tissue with the audience as well, but I would like to see a more substantial way in linking the steps from Kym. A little more Mark Ballas, maybe, who is the choreographer of the season without Derek Hough in the ballroom, but without his ego and the occasional over-the-top “oddities,” as Len puts it. Score: 28 + 26 = 54

Romeo and Chelsea Hightower. What was that Texas-sized black bow on an otherwise great red gown? Anyhow the pair swept through their tango, he boyishly sober, but she almost flourishing like a cape (a little paso doble?). Score: 27 + 25 = 52

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff. What can you do when a cyst bursts in your right knee? Stop the rehearsals and KISS when it comes to the routine. That’s exactly what happened, but the audience was hugely sympathetic with Ralph. Score: 25 + 21 = 46

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiiy. Oh that crazy Russian! He goes from stripping down Kirstie in rehearsal to stripping off his shirt. Oh that earnestly impish Kirstie! We love her wry sense of humor, punctuated, it seems by numerous falls. But she’s been a part of the diet syndrome long enough that she has to realize that she needs her food — no skipping meals in order to keep that blood sugar level. Score: 28 + 25 = 53

Results: Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou? Well, off DWTS, for sure.

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