Dance Beat: CC, Kyle, Attack, Nurlan

CC BUSINESS. April is shaping up as another action-packed dance month, where it’s virtually impossible to take in everything. Check CrossCurrents’ Listings page. While you’re at it, friend “Jane Vranish” on Facebook so that you will be notified of new CC postings. And I’m up on Twitter (@2keepmoving), which also notifies of new postings. At this point, I’m uncertain of how to manage in-the-moment dance business between them. If you have any suggestions, let me know via CrossCurrents, Facebook, Twitter, email ( where you will find the following…), cell phone, land line (though it’s becoming archaic) or, best yet, in person at a performance. Dance on!

MORE KYLE. Kyle Abraham has assembled some great notches in his belt, first a terrific mention from Claudia La Rocco in the New York Times, then the announcement from American Dance Festival, where he will appear this summer in The Radio Show (which seems to have its own legs).

ATTACKING ATTACK. Attack Theatre seems to be widening its audience base. Dance fan Stephanie Pereira actually drove in from New York to catch the company’s opening night Traveling performance at the New Hazlett. While we like our dance in Pittsburgh, could this be the start of something really big, like, Pittsburgh becoming a dance destination city? We all have our dreams…

STUDIO CONNECTIONS. Dashing Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre principal dancer Nurlan Abougaliev will be putting more time in teaching this summer at Elva Scapes’ Ballet Baroque.

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