On Stage: Patricia on Gene Kelly

Patricia Ward Kelly has proven that she is determined to keep the Gene Kelly name alive. Not only does she attend the Gene Kelly Awards, but she visits different school while she’s in town and has become something of a name herself here in Pittsburgh. A book on her husband is nearing completion and her recent talk at the University of Pittsburgh was part literary preview and a colorful splash of his films. You had to come away with a renewed respect for the man — a perfectionist who pushed the boundaries of the film industry itself and who cast dance in a new light. Read about the event in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and revel in some film samples from Patricia’s talk:

They said it couldn’t be done, but Gene did this number. He filmed the two men separately, using musical cues and black curtains to achieve a precise mirror image. Gene told Patricia it was the hardest thing he ever did.

This clip from “It’s Always Fair Weather” didn’t have any special effects, just pure Gene. It’s admittedly Patricia’s favorite.

Patricia noted that this portion of “An American in Paris” had to be cut in several countries because it was too sensual.

Most of us have seen the Gene and Jerry the Mouse number, but there’s a popular contemporary version out and about now. Enjoy!

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