On Stage: A Riveting Soap Opera

Mark Staley (George) at the deconstructed piano with Kaitlin Dann and Liz Chang in the

A second visit to Attack Theatre’s Soap Opera reinforced the notion that this was a most ambitious and singular project from a most ambitious and singular company. While there was still the company’s trademark crazy quilt of surprises, Soap Opera had a poignancy that provided the driving force for this production. It was all there the first time. But the cast had started to congeal and react in an intimate way that was mesmerizing. After all, there was a difficult balance to achieve between life and death, comedy and drama. The first act, in particular, had a true emotional strength and the Walkyrie finale remained brilliant — combining all the goals the company had set for their own version of Soap Opera: to be “dark, fun, goofy and poignant.” It was also beautiful. Read about it in the Post-Gazette. And/or see it in person through Feb. 10. Photos: John Altdorfer.

Liz Chang and Dane ToneyMark Staley under the weight of the rock with Dance Toney, Brent Luebber and James Barrett.

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