Dance Beat: The Bench, PPU, Texture, Spilling/Kirov, Tim


IT’S GOT LEGS. For those of you who enjoyed, like me, Keisha Lalama’s original production of The Bench at Point Park in 2010, it is continuing its development through Titus Theatricals. Now known as The Bench-Journey Into Love, it will be presented July 13 at the Nampa Civic Center, located in southwest Idaho, in a Broadway-style reading. The production will feature Boise Dance Co-op and Idaho jazz musician Chuck Smith. Keep updated with the evolving production on Facebook.

PPU/NYC. Point Park University dance department has entered the competition circuit. This week it casts its lot with the Youth America Grand Prix, the largest international competition operating today. PPU students will be performing Kiesha Lalama’s ensemble work Adrift, Garfield Lemonius’ Contagion (Maggie Ellington, Cassidy Burk, James Gowan, and Colin Jacob) and Peter Merz’s pas de deux Sweet Sorrow (Diana Figueroa and Ales Hathaway). Alex will also be competing as a soloist dancing a contemporary solo and a variation from Swan Lake. In addition to those already listed, Rachel Shirley, Jillyn Bryant, Sara Spizzichini, Sarah Lauderdale, Cammi Nevarez, Brooke Bero, Hunter Mikles, James Gowan, Colin Jacob will complete the PPU contingent. The choreographers. Department chair Susan Stowe thanks the choreographers plus Cynthia Ridler for devoting countless hours of extra rehearsal time and costume design and construction so that these dancers can participate in the event.

P.S. PPU will also participate in a fundraising performance for NYC Dance Alliance Foundation to benefit the NYCDAF College Scholarship program Apr. 22 at The Joyce Theater. There the students will perform Garfield Lemonius’ Memoirs on a program with New York City Ballet, ABT Studio Company, Jessica Lang Dance Company, Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of Dance and guest artists from Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. P.P.S. — PPU will conduct auditions at NYC Dance Alliance’s season finale at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers June 29-July 6.

SPILLING/BALLET. Vijay Palaparty’s The Spilling Ink Project has found a home at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. Evidently it’s bearing fruit. Recently the two organizations premiered Deflect Our Light: Articulate a Dance, an exploration of the past, present and future of classical South Indian Bharatanatyam and Russian ballet dance forms at the Atlas Performing Arts Center as part of the INTERSECTIONS Festival.

Tim EvansIN MEMORIAM. A man who radiated a goodness in heart and spirit, Tim Evans was always a welcome and elegant presence at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre performances. That love of ballet extended around the world, where he could be seen, among others, at Paris Opera Ballet and San Francisco Ballet.

TEXTURE-ING SUMMER. Texture Contemporary Ballet has several dates on tap, including its debut at Jacob’s Pillow July 26 as part of the Outdoor/Indoor space, and  on August 16, the company will head to Chicago to participate in a festival there.



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