On Stage: A Summery Encounter


It was a perfect summer evening as I made my way to Enright Park. I had googled the location, but arrived to find it surrounded by a maze of chain link fences. No matter, it was a nice walk along the borders of East Liberty and Friendship, the end result yet another gem of a Pittsburgh green space.

And yet another gem of a young local choreographic talent in Jasmine Hearn.

This was the second installment in her site specific work called that’s what she said. I had missed the first in a Lawrenceville garden. This one was subtitled First Dance, in other words, all the emotions, thoughts and situations surrounding that essential part of growing up.

Jasmine and collaborator Beth Ratas had decorated the outdoor basketball court with blue and white and yellow streamers. Oh, the school dance memories, the kind that can span generations!

They approached from a distance, shy and clingy with anticipation, dressed in short party dresses…and athletic shoes.

But this was not to be a sugary summer lemonade of a dance. Beth began with, “I told him no…” as she started to climb the fence, her face unreadable.

The duo finally entered and traced the lines around the basketball hoops. There was some walking and, of course, some hoop shots to be taken. Oh, and a variation on one of those line dances that we all did.

The piece unfolded in movement as natural as a second skin — skips, turns, hugs. There was a play of sunshine, as expected, across their faces. But it was broken by awkward shadows of confusion and frustration and teenage angst, much like the delicate facial techniques of an updated Indian dance.

The series will continue monthly through October at different locations. Tune in via Facebook, but CrossCurrents will also post upcoming segments.


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