Dance Beat: Wrapping up 2013 – Part One

The tough-minded can do things single-handedly. But I didn’t think that, after breaking my right wrist around Labor Day, that I would also break my right elbow by slipping on the ice just before Christmas. So what follows, dear readers, are a series of quick capsule comments about Pittsburgh dance, written, yes, single-handedly.

Image 2

KYLE’S RETURN. It was easy to see the richness of Kyle Abraham’s choreography, why he is so deserving of his recent awards at Point Park’s Conservatory Dance Company. Although Connie Shau staged Continuous Relation, there was still the human interaction that gives Kyle’s movement such depth. The other three works — Terence Mariling’s Fatum Inflictum (some might remember him as a soloist with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre), Brian Enos’ Whip and Randy Duncan’s Journey were skillful, but looked two-dimensional in comparison.

MULTIPLICITY. Maria Caruso had one of Bodiography’s best choreographic displays at the company’s annual Multiplicity showcase, with Kirstie Corso making a particularly strong statement. But Maria herself took things to another level. Her company always had good movers and she took advantage of that in her spiritual work, Lux Aeterna, which used traditional modern dance methods. Although there was an abundance of leaps, I was reminded of the lush European style of Nederlans Dans Theater in the ever-changing formations. Hope to see more…

MURPHY/SMITH. Jaime Murphy and Renee Danielle Smith had a banner performance, reviewed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Check it out…

REED DANCE. Greer Reed is in the process of rebuilding her company, no longer at the August Wilson Center, but currently housed in the Irene Kaufmann Center in the Hill District. Suite Bob was a community effort, celebrating iconic reggae artist Bob Marley and greatly appreciated by the audience. There wasn’t a printed program and the evening had an overly casual atmosphere, where titles and names were lost along the way. Perhaps the artists themselves could have explained their inspiration in a few words.


2 Responses to Dance Beat: Wrapping up 2013 – Part One

  1. joan says:

    Hope your wrist mends quickly, Jane. I fractured mine a few yrs back. Good excuse to play with clay/silly putty to work it, and to take hot baths (I found the warmth and water helped to further the bending and resisting possible in order to increase mobility).

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